Sunday, November 21, 2010

End Week Eight

I've been really slack with this blog, mostly because November is the month of the infamous NaNoWriMo writing challenge, and most of my energy has gone into that. I also had an exam in Japanese towards the start of the month, and since then have acquired a shiny new electronic Japanese, inbetween writing and working, I've been studying Japanese with slightly renewed gusto.

The diet, however, is continuing. I've had a couple of "slips," although I hesitate slightly to name them that because I would consider a slip more to be something unplanned. I have never eaten something I shouldn't have on the fly because I couldn't say no. Which considering days like Friday, is amazing (at work I was offered my favourite Cookie Time cookies, Jaffas, and an ice-cream, all within four hours...and I was having a Hungry Day just to top it off. I ate none of these things). Basically I had a slice of cake at a writer's group meeting -- which I'd known about since about a month beforehand -- and then I had dinner at my work do. I wasn't going to do Christmas, but as we're now apparently going to a relative's house, I may end up having Christmas lunch after all. I don't know. While this diet works better if you stick at it one hundred percent all the time, I find that if I don't allow the odd exception -- not weekly, monthly at worst -- my motivation hits rock bottom. So...yeah. We'll see. I do know that when I go to Perth I won't be able to keep the diet up, although what is important to me is that I have learned that eating healthy isn't a burden. Not being able to have the odd treat sucks, but even when I go to Perth I'm going to keep making healthy choices. It's not a week to be a pig. It's a week in the real world, that's all.

I weighed myself this morning, of course. 71.4kg. How much I've lost depends on where you start from -- my official start weight was 83kg, I was closer to 80kg when I went on plan, and my worst known weight was about 87kg in April or thereabouts -- but it's still pretty amazing when I consider it. I've gone from a size 18 to a size 14, and my size 12 skirt from Blue Banana arrived the other day; it's too small to wear, but I can get it on. So...I'm having little victories. The other day I was in town and Pascoes had a one-day sale, so I bought my eight-week gift a little early. It's an unusual setting of amethyst and a tiny diamond, a ring to wear and remind me of what I am working towards.

I had a fairly significant loss this week, and I assume it's because I made a real effort to drink more water this week. I'll keep it up next week and see what happens. I also bought body analysis scales the other day and am apparently 45% water, 6.6% bone, and 35% fat. Wow, I'm like a fucking tub of jelly. So, from that perspective...don't stop me now? <g>