Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Paranoid Android

To my surprise, the package arrived in the post this afternoon. So, inbetween my Japanese lesson, watching old AMVs and attempting to find old pictures on one of my external harddrives, I actually got around to reading the information about the actual diet itself.

It's...daunting, and then it's not. Like any diet, I guess, one tends to first focus on the things one CAN'T have, rather than what one can. But flicking through it, there are some things that make me happy. Like, crispbreads. I thought all starchy things were off the menu, so being able to have up to five crispbreads a day makes me ridiculously happy. I love crispbreads. I'm banned from fruit juice and milk, which aside from Lift Plus are about all I drink, but oddly enough diet soft drinks are allowable (in moderation). I'm not a huge fan of fizzy drinks, but at least it's an option? I think I'm going to have to start drinking green tea again. Which isn't really a hardship, but it IS a change. Still, I guess that's really the point? Of course I have to drink a lot of water, too, but then we all saw that one coming a mile away...

So, while the meal plan is a bit daunting, more than anything else it's probably just the effort. I don't actually make my own meals as it is, so having to get my shit together and look after myself is going to be massive anyway. Thing is, this is the root of my problem -- I just eat whatever's going. I never really consider what it is that I am eating. So, this is my learning curve.

Oddly enough, I have some strange little fears about all this. Primarily my concern right now is that I am feeling really tired all the time as it is, without even having changed my diet yet. I suppose I could put it down to Misadventures In Mexico, as my stomach hasn't been quite right since I came home. I never actually had any major issues while there, but I was getting cramps off and on from about the second week on, and the week after I got home my stomach was quite upset. Probiotics seem to have settled it, but with that said I've been feeling like I've lost weight already. I'm pretty sure I dropped a couple of kilos in Mexico/NOLA due to dehydration and a general lack of appetite, but I should probably have piled them back on by now. Odd. My trousers feel looser. Which brings me to my second concern:


Losing weight means new clothes. And while my credit card is not looking forward to the Loli-Goth clothes that are going to appear on those statements soon enough, my work clothes are another matter entirely. I am a short-ass, and this country? Doesn't deal in short-asses. Unlike the UK, where I delighted in my short-leg purchases at Marks and Sparks, in NZ one has to have someone take up one's too-long trousers. My mother usually does this for me -- god bless mummies everywhere -- but she's about to move to Australia. Uh-uh. ...I could learn to sew, I suppose, but there you go.

Actually, I am a bit bewildered by my goal weight as written in the booklet. It's...about 49 to 51 kilograms, or something. While that's amusing from a Nanami-standpoint -- she bitches at one stage about weighing 49 kilograms -- I...don't think I want to weigh that much. There'd be nothing left of me! Although then again, the very thought of it makes me dizzy and/or delirious with happiness, so I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Huh.

Haven't set a startdate yet, by the by. I am thinking Monday, but...we'll see how the weekend goes, first. I have some planning and organisation to do. I also have to resolve to start liking yoghurt. Dammit.

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