Monday, September 27, 2010

One Small Step For Cows

So, after much arsing about, I have managed to actually start this little journey. The arsing about wasn't fully intentional, mind you; I decided to wait until my father left the country, and then begin the following weekend. EPIC SNOWFALL later, I was trapped in my house while one supermarket's roof fell in and the others all closed in solidarity. As this was combined with my getting stranded in the 'burbs while getting my hair straightened, I really think I could be forgiven for thinking God does not want me to be pretty.

Still, here we are on DAY TWO. ...yes, I was too lazy to write anything yesterday, although that was at least partially because shopping, study and a writing group meeting basically ate up the day. Have to admit, though, it was a nice distraction from the entire thing. So far I am finding that I am often hungry, and am really hoping that's going to pass. I also am already finding that I have to mentally roundhouse myself whenever I open a cupboard, as the instinct is just to graze. I've always been a grazer, me, so curbing that urge is probably going to be the hard thing. Also knowing my limits and sticking to them...I was eating an orange earlier, and the damn thing was delicious. I wanted another. But I'm at my two fruit limit of the day, No more orange for you, missy. But I'm still hungry. I suppose this is where I need to get back to drinking water or green tea, ha ha ha.

But yeah, already my attitude towards food is changing somewhat. Like I said, it's become something that I can't have, which is somewhat distressing as I never realised before how much I really did graze. I'm also a more than mildly fussy eater, and if I don't want to finish something I just won't. I don't get that excuse with this, as I have to eat everything I've made. I struggled this morning with my yoghurt, actually; yesterday, oddly, it was fine. This morning I was in a rush, being that daylight savings changed over the clocks and I felt like I was up an hour earlier. I don't eat breakfast as it is, so having to shovel in that much yoghurt and an apple...yeah. Not a happy bunny. With that said, the damn recipe book keeps describing food as my "medicine," so being a pharmacist...does and doesn't help on that front. Ha ha ha. Actually, a pharmacist I worked with in the UK went on and became a spokesperson for a diet where they treated the whole thing like substance addiction. They essentially took food off you until you were at a decent weight and then gave it back. With counselling. Fortunately this isn't as drastic, but...still.

The weigh-in yesterday was odd. I haven't done the measurements, which I should get to tonight, really, but I jumped on the Wii first thing to check my beginning weight. I think the last time it told me I was about 82.2kg, which I rounded up to 83kg as the Wii board isn't that accurate. Yesterday, though...79.9kg. That's the first time I've ever seen it below 80kg in the two years I've owned it, and I hadn't even started yet. Honestly, I have no idea. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see. Either way, I should start doing the "yoga" they have on WiiFit, I need to stretch myself a bit.

At any rate, I'm on the upward climb now. I'm hoping to be out of the woods by the end of December. Let's see how that works out...


  1. I'm such a grazer too...That was the hardest habit to stop, although once I did it didn't creep up until I started working full-time and there was always food in the break room. Now that there's 200 of us sharing one space, any leftovers are gone before I ever know that they were there, so it's quite the improvement.

    Here's how bad of a grazer I was as a kid: if we didn't have any real food, I would mix flour and water to make dough and would just eat *that*.

  2. Oh, God, when I was little if there was nothing sweet to eat I would literally eat icing sugar. I think you guys call it powdered sugar...admittedly I couldn't eat more than one spoonful, but really that was bad enough. It's amazing that I wasn't the size of a house when I was little. ^_~

    ...and I spent most of work today standing around benches that had chocolates on them. I resisted, but still. DAMMIT. :D