Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well, tomorrow, all going well? I shall go have my blood test done. Hopefully this means by next weeked I'll have my diet plan so I'll be able to start things then. It's all a bit nerve-wracking, but then I suppose that's half the fun? Ha ha ha.

I was just thinking this week, though, about some of the "side-effects" I've been reading about. People have apparently complained of hair-loss, gall-stones, and then amenorrhoea. While I could do without gall-stones and hair loss would be particularly annoying as I'm about to spend several hundred dollars on chemically straightening it, I actually wouldn't mind a bout of amenorrhoea. I mean, I don't want children and I hate having my damn period at the best of times. I also got annoyed at my doctor when I asked to have Yasmin prescribed before I went to Mexico because a) I didn't want my period on holiday and b) the anti-androgenic effects of the progesterone analogue would maybe be nice. She refused, partially because of the fact I don't need it for birth control, and then because I was too fat. So, maybe if I'm skinny, I can have it? Ha. Probably the PCOS-ish symptoms I wanted it for anyway will have gone away with the excess weight anyway...

Still, I did laugh at some of the comments regarding the loss of periods. "It's unnatural!" Er, If your body thinks it can't support a baby, what better way to avoid it than by not ovulating and proliferating? It's entirely natural. And I am kind of hoping it happens. I'm probably A Bad Person. But then you know I love it, baby.


  1. I love the Implanon for its period loss side effect. I've only had a few in 5 and a half years and I think it's wonderful.

  2. Hurrah for the decent side effects! :D