Thursday, August 26, 2010

Return To Wii.

Today, for the first time in quite a while, I turned on my Wii. ...well, that's a little overdramatic, actually. I was playing with it last month or thereabouts, because I had the urge to play The Lamest Game Ever again (Endless Ocean, if you're curious. It's just...yeah). I haven't, however, done much with WiiFit in months and months. However, because I have been dithering over this enrolment form, which requires my current weight, I had to measure it somehow.

To my surprise, when I finished messing about with batteries and the like, I discovered my Wii thought I weighed 82.2kg. It's actually a whole point down on my last reading way back when, in terms of BMI. I think it listed the weight drop as 2.5kg? I think that's partially thanks to my interesting diet in Mexico and New Orleans, but since I got home from my holiday I've been overdosing on all sorts of good foods out of the knowledge soon they will be dead to me. ...or at least, for the period of the diet, after which I will hopefully have developed the required respect to allow our reintroduction. Go figure. Which reminds me, as part of my good-bye diet, tomorrow I need to get some German beer from the local liquor store. I won't miss it as much as Lift Plus, but still. Make the most of it while it's there, eh?

I also weighed one of the cats, who unfortunately happened to be sleeping nearby (the littler cat, being infinitely more awake, escaped at the first sign of the white board). She also managed a decrease, of 0.5kg. She still weighs almost five kilograms, mind you. Perhaps I should invite her on this diet, too...

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