Friday, August 27, 2010

Spring forward.

Today was Daffodil Day, which meant I spent a good chunk of it wearing a daffodil on my lapel. This reminded me of the last time I wore a fake yellow flower for a few days, which wasn't all that long ago -- in fact, it was just in New Orleans. That time, however, it was a rose. And the irony of it tickled me, as I wore the yellow rose in honour of Nanami, the character above (and indeed in all of these pictures). Part of my goal with this weight-loss, after all, is to be thin enough to cosplay Nanami without feeling either self-conscious, or that I am doing her an injustice. So, it was funny to be wearing another yellow flower as I today faxed my application form away.

So, yes, the application has been lodged. I need to go for the blood test early next week, and then...wait for my meal plan. And then just start. It's quite scary, but as time goes on...every day, I want to be different. Not just for the way I look. My upset stomach, my aching foot, the fact I probably have PCOS that no-one's keen to diagnose...losing weight and eating better really can't help BUT help all of these things. So, away we go?

Daffodil Day, among other things, is a local signal that spring is coming. I spent most of a very busy and stressful day today taking time to sniff the daffodils on the front bench as I walked past them, and thought of new beginnings. Perhaps I should plant some yellow roses, too.

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