Sunday, December 12, 2010

End Week Eleven

I think I can safely assume that I have found my secret squirrel when it comes to this diet; I need to keep drinking plenty of water. It really does keep the numbers coming down, which makes me feel wonderful. I'm about 12kg down now -- 3kg off halfway! As there are two weeks until Christmas, I may just make it to halfway by then. I did have a moment of concern last night, though; I have decided to go off the actual diet for the week in Februrary that I am in Western Australia, but I just realised that going back on may not be so easy as my mother, at least, will be returning with me. So...hmm. I don't know. I'll take it as it comes. Hopefully by that stage anyway I'll be down to the last ten kilograms?

The Christmas temptation thing is otherwise not going too terribly. I was augmenting gifts the other day with chocolate Santas, and when I opened the bag I was hit with an absolutely incredible scent of chocolate. I hadn't had that with the other chocolates I'd been using, and by God I wanted to eat the chocolate. I didn't, but...oooh. Dammit. It reminded me of when I used to live in Dunedin; being a mad student in my final year who finally had a car, I used to occasionally drive to Countdown at midnight for groceries. This is the time when the factory across the street from the supermarket used to open its louvres. This factory was the Cadbury factory. ...whenever this happened, I bought a lot of chocolate, let me assure you.

Thinking of that, though, reminds me that I am really starting to realise how badly I ate before, and why my body was the way it was. But...yeah. Because Christmas is coming and I am trying to be more cheerful about the whole thing (it's not an easy time for my family for various reasons, and this year I am without all but one member of my immediate family), I decided to buy a pretty dress for Christmas Day. In a size twelve. And I succeeded in finding one yesterday, so...yay! It's nothing like a Nanami-dress, of course, but never mind.

Speaking of Nanami, I was directed to a website with the Ohtori uniform for sale. Ooh. There's something to think about once the cash haemorrhage that is Christmas has clotted over at last! <3

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  1. After I started paying attention to what I ate, Robert and I started thinking out some of the meals we used to eat. It was scary to think that we both, on several occasions, had probably eaten about 5k calories in a day each. That's not even thinking about all the sodium, sugar, fat, and other terrifying things that were likely in the food that we were eating. Scary.