Wednesday, December 22, 2010


There is an absolutely ridiculous amount of food in this house right now, considering the fact that only two people (and two cats!) live here. But being Wednesday, two days before Christmas, I decided to this evening scoot into the supermarket for my last-ditch shopping errands. Basically my main concern was laying my hands on some cream -- I have a long-held paranoia relating to being without cream on Christmas Day -- but I wanted to get everything else I needed for the day, and also for the days afterward. Those days, you see, are going to be the difficult ones -- because I will get up on Boxing Day and go straight back to Life On The Diet. No excuses, just back on the bus. And that will be a lot easier to do if I have everything I need to do so, which I now do.

Still, my boss decided tonight as we were leaving to give us the traditional hamper of Christmas goodies. So, I came home with a hundred and fifty dollars worth of groceries AND a hamper. I put the groceries away, but hauled the hamper into the lounge where my elder brother was watching the cricket and in the end gave him basically everything that was in it. The only things I kept aside? The chocolates and some fudge. I haven't entirely decided what to do with those. I can't eat all of it, nor do I plan to. But I think I'll take the Roses to my aunt's on Christmas Day, eat some Scorched Almonds on Christmas Eve while watching Bernard and the Genie, and then give the rest to my brother. And I might have a few Favourites on Christmas morning and then give him the rest. We'll see how well THAT works out. Ha. But yeah, it's such a relief to have everything in hand now. I just need to make the trifle on Christmas Eve, before I get to movie-watching.

I was also pleased because I found some venison medallions at the supermarket, which I am planning to have some of on Christmas Eve. Whack 'em in the George Foreman grill, maybe? By God, though, Bambi was expensive...but it was four meals' worth, though I may be nice and give a portion to my brother. (We don't cook together, given the complications of my diet.) I'm quite looking forward to it! I haven't eaten deer in a long time, and in a strange way being on such a restricted diet makes me want to be more adventurous. I need to email my mother and tell her to be prepared to make some interesting experimental food the week I'm in Bunbury...

Otherwise, I'm muddling on. I'm terrified of completely losing control on Christmas Day, but I have laid some ground rules -- the most important being that I am not to drink any alcohol. I don't miss it. There's no need to add that to the calorie count. Also, I am to eat as much good food as I can, as in meat and green veg; I want to go easy on the potato and sweet treats. No snacking on chips and peanuts and chocolates. Because this is how I need to live once I am beyond this phase of the diet. I need to make the sensible choice, not the emotional one. Which isn't easy because Christmas is a hugely emotional time for my maternal family. So...we'll see how it goes. By God, though, I am having an After Dinner Mint. ^_~

I also acquired the necessary elements for LEAVENED BREAD BAKING EXPERIMENTS, so Tuesday? Baking Day. I'm going to take photographs of the disaster it is sure to be. Perhaps it's fortunate, that I won't be able to eat the results. Ha!


  1. I had to get After Eights instead of After Dinner Mints. They are so christmassy for me, memories of Alonzo stealing them off Mum's sticky ball tree things. Or us stealing them and blaming Alonzo.

  2. ...I think Alonzo was unjustly accused. XD Hmm, if I see any after Christmas I'll send you some, but I am not going near a supermarket again. XD

  3. Actually Alonzo took the macintoshes off as I have memories of him having bloody toffee all in his teeth and half chewed ones with the wrapper still on.

  4. ...we ended up reminiscing about Alonzo at Christmas dinner. That damn dog. <3