Sunday, December 5, 2010

End Week Ten

So, it's the end of Week Ten -- how time does fly? I keep trying to work through the disappointment, that things aren't happening as fast as I thought they would, but's so easy to get past that first initial motivation and then flag. And I do know that my personality tends towards that sort of fatalism; my other blog is about my writing, and I've never struggled with starting a thing. I could start things all day. Finishing them, however...ah, well, that's another story altogether.

So, here I am, keeping on keeping on. I was a bit disappointed with my weigh-in last week, which from memory was a decrease of 0.6kg. I had to admit I had sabotaged myself to some degree, as on the Saturday night I ate a piece of cake. Again, it wasn't a spur of the moment decision, but I know it was the wrong decision. At my writing group meetings the last couple of months we've had cake; I'd decided long before that I would do it on Halloween, but I decided I wouldn't this time. But I felt guilty about having a cake made for us, and I gave in. So...I need to work on saying no. It's not the end of the world if I don't eat cake, is it? And while it was delicious, I am finding more and more that the craving is entirely mental. Taste-wise, I'm going off sweet things. So...yeah. There's a harsh little lesson learned.

With that said, the slow weight-loss despite my continued high water intake could be related to that time of the month, because this week I kept the water uptake up and lost 1.4kg. Now, this may be TMI, but I was a little weirded out by my period this month. It was the second since starting, and it was light. Which for me, is wonderful; before I would generally bleed like a stuck pig for three or four days and then it would taper and disappear completely after six or seven days. This time it was fairly light throughout, but lasted ten days. Which was annoying in a whole new way. But I've always been concerned that I have PCOS, so this at least tells me that my body is responding to the weight-loss,'s all good.

The exciting thing about this week's loss, though, is that it brings me to 69.4kg. I haven't been in the sixties for a very long time, I suspect. Probably not since I was fifteen or so. So...welcome back? I also got my jeans back from being altered on Friday, so I am snug in a size twelve. In the next couple of weeks I will brave town at lunchtime and go and find a size twelve dress from Max to wear on Christmas Day. Something floral and light and lovely and feminine, I think. ...although speaking of Christmas, was slightly amused by this email from my mother the other day; I'm going to Christmas dinner at my aunt's and she was in at work on Friday, and as the initial call was to my brother, I was checking logistics of guests and food with her (as I'll need to get some small gifts and make some sort of food offering; current suspect? CHOCOLATE TRIFLE). My mother then wrote me yesterday:

Rang Rae & Dave yesterday and they said you got skinny!!!  Won't recognise you when you come in Feb. 

Combined with what I mentioned the other day -- one of my workmates saying that I can't have much more to lose, I mean -- it's really a weird sensation. On the forums I hang out on sometimes people mention how odd it is, when people start saying how skinny you are/how you'll be able to stop soon when you're nowhere near your goal. I never thought it would happen to me, but there it is. I did write back that I could hardly be considered "skinny" considering by everyone's standards I am still overweight, but never mind. She was talking about being smaller in February, too, so I just concentrated on encouraging that. It will be good for her health, and I'm all for having my Mummy as long as possible. <3

In the meantime, I should go do the dishes and then go into town to hunt out some bits and pieces for my crafty Secret Santa for work. I'm in a good headspace this morning; here's hoping it lasts through the week!


  1. I'm still not sure how you're making "slow" progress. You've lost, what, 20 kilos in 6 weeks? In the States, we say that 2 pounds per week is a healthy weightloss speed after the first month, so you're really flooring it. Of course, it's also a perception, because some have lost so much weight so fast on the plan, but extremely fast weight loss isn't necessarily the best, so keep on keeping on. You're still losing it *very* quickly.

  2. Oh, god, not that much! 10 kilos in ten weeks is more accurate...which is avtually about two pounds a week. XD