Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Perception Filters

I am still having this obsession with brioche today, and I also have the urge to make cinnamon rolls. Huh. I'm tempted to just go ahead and give it a go on Tuesday, as I have to go back to work on Wednesday...I could make the brioche on Tuesday, and then make most of the rolls Tuesday night and cook them before work on Wednesday. Quite what the purpose of all this is, I don't really know, but if I can't eat something myself...might as well try and do it for other people? Besides, then they get the dodgy experiments and I can have the perfected stuff. Later. Ha.

But yeah, there was something else about my television watching the other night -- I ended up watching the Christmas episode of the second series of Lois and Clark. This was one of my favourite shows when I was a kid. Watching it back now...well, to be frank, it's fairly painful. But it's still nostalgia? Thing is, though, when I was twelve or thirteen, watching this show, I used to long to be like Lois. Just...that independence, I think. And she always wore such professional yet individual clothing. It's all so very nineties now, of course, but watching it the other day reminded me of that. And even though I haven't exactly got to the end point, I am now starting to wear clothes that I used to look at with a sense of longing. "I would look grown-up for once!" I would think. And then I would realise I was too fat to fit any of them. That's probably half the reason why I shop so much at Max nowadays. They've always had the clothes I wanted but could never dream of wearing.

In other news, I had two further odd things happen to me at work. I was handing out a script to a customer who was this middle-aged lady who got all excited about how much weight I'd lost. I don't even remember who she was. And then I had a guy, around about my age, do the same thing. I just...yeah. Weird. I think I said yesterday I'm bad with placing people, but now that people are starting to notice me, it's getting really awkward. I suppose I need to pull my head out of the clouds? Uh-oh...


  1. I hate when people you don't seemingly know notice you. An engineer got on the lift this morning at work and said to me "Third floor. How are you today anyway?" like we were old friends. Then he commented on my bright pink gumboots. I have no idea how he even knew I worked on the third floor...

  2. I can never work out if I'm more memorable than I think I am, or if I'm just really oblivious to people. I always remember wandering down the street in Dunedin a day before graduation and being stopped by one of my classmates, who had never spoken to me once in those three years, and he chatted to me like we were old mates. And I was all a bit O_O about the whole thing...

  3. Let me know how all this baking works out - I'm still afraid to try leavened bread myself!

  4. I will definitely report back on the baking, Deniz -- I went to the supermarket today and came back with all manner of things I need to make the brioche and the cinnamon rolls on Tuesday, so I will be taking many shifty photos along the way. :D