Sunday, January 9, 2011

End Week Fifteen

So, I got on the scales this morning with a sense of trepidation -- because I have set myself the goal of getting into the "ideal" weight category as specified by my Wii (it's a BMI of less than 25; I think it's about 62.5kg, or slightly less), and I also want to be just in the fifties by the Friday morning before I go to Bunbury for ten days (ever so slightly less than three weeks now), I really have to work hard and stay one hundred percent on my meal plan. Of course, just as work kicks off and becomes a major stressor, what happens? I get my damn period! So, I was expecting things to be a bit depressing this week. But I sucked it up, and hopped on the scale.

So, what's the damage this week? I am 63.9kg on the Wii, which it notes as a decrease of 1.2kg. Success! Despite the curse! ^_~ I was so relieved to see that, as honestly I was very concerned that work stress was going to screw me around. The last couple of weeks I've also been eating slightly differently to normal; I've had my little pizza twice, I've eaten omelettes a few times, and I've also fallen in love with asparagus (!). While in theory this shouldn't make the slightest bit of difference, considering it's all "legal" food, I've noticed some forumites cutting things out of our already limited selection because they make them "gain" or "slow down" their weight loss. I've always thought that ridiculous, because they wouldn't be allowed if they weren't designed specifically to work within the parameters of the programme, but...yeah. I don't know. I am always fueled by paranoia, and some people can be quite paranoid. However, to the best of my knowledge I don't have any dairy intolerances, so regular cheese seems to be completely fine with my continued weight-loss. And I am really enjoying the omelette business! I should have it more often, but it's a lot more work than just getting the yoghurt out of the fridge...and while a languid breakfast prep in fine on a Sunday, for the next two weeks I am working Monday through Saturday and a puffy omelette with cooked mushrooms...just isn't going to happen. As it is, I am going to have to be twice as prepared for everything. I already make my lunch the evening before, but as I won't be able to leave the pharmacy during the day as is my habit, I will have to have everything I need for lunch and snacks at work. I think one of the other pharmacists gets annoyed with me because I always take my breaks and my lunch no matter what, but it's twofold -- one, I learned as a sole-charge pharmacist in Oxfordshire that if I don't take breaks I break, and two? I need to keep my energy and my blood sugar levels even, or I'll start making mistakes. And pharmacists making mistakes can equal dead patients, so screw that. If I am carrying the bag here, I'm doing it on as many of my terms as I can. I have worked so hard for this, and even though the temptation to let the diet slide for this two/three weeks of Work Hell is high, I mean...I have control over this, don't I? And it makes me happy to see the ticker slide down, so...yeah. Eating crap isn't going to change my stress levels. It's going to make them worse, in fact. So...keep calm and carry on? Have a cup of tea and a sit down? Ha.

I also managed to do my measurements this morning -- I've been really slack about them recently, to be perfectly honest. Last time I did them properly was Week Ten? Oops. But I did them today and overall I've had a loss of 60cm. Wow. I particularly love my waist measurement; it's gone from 90cm down to 74cm, so...yes. 29" or thereabouts; not exactly Scarlett O'Hara status, but definitely much more pleasant to contemplate! I also got the fat percentage calculator on my scales to co-operate and it told me I was 31.5% fat; I can't remember when I did the first reading, but it was weeks ago and it came out as 35%, so...most definitely an improvement. It's not normal yet, by any means,'s getting there? And that's the important part. I've also been wandering around in my size 10 trousers from Max; they're not entirely fitting properly, but they're not indecent or anything. Just a tiny bit too small for true comfort, though...again, they're getting there. I need to take my size 10 jeans into be altered, but work is going to make that a pain in the ass as I basically am now chained to the place; although I will take my lunch, in theory I can't leave the pharmacy because the locum will need me to be around when the inevitable dramas erupt. Christ. I have to do a post office run tomorrow so I might have to just do it on Tuesday, when hopefully one of the regular pharmacists will be around. But I need to do it soon, otherwise I'll get no wear out of them at all!

In the meantime, I have a cake to go and bake. And not eat. Speaking of food, though, as I said above? I'm being more adventurous with my food still, and so far it's working out fine. I tried to make a crazy kind of substitute sushi last night with asparagus and schnitzel; it didn't roll the way I hoped, but between the garlic and the basalmic tasted fantastic. As I said, asparagus is my new best friend; I also have it blanched with the excess mozarella grilled over the top to make a better side to my mock-pizza, which is one reason why I love the pizza meal so much right now (that, and I worked out a better way to cook the darn thing; not stir-frying the tomato first goes a long way towards improving the flavour, that's for sure!). And tonight I am going to have my beloved substitute taco meal, so...between that, cake-baking, watching an episode of True Blood and doing a bit of writing, I am hoping for a lovely Sunday of calm and cool. Because I need that buffer, going into this week.

Kia kaha, and all that. Or just more tea. Tea is good. Particularly if it's Lord John's. ^_~


  1. Mmmm... Lord John... Can't believe you got your tea before me! I hope the folks at customs aren't drinking all of mine.

  2. If they smelled's gone. ^_~ I love the fragrance, really, it's delicious! And yes, the post office is a strange and mysterious thing, I have discovered. Never try and guess when something is going to arrive, the universe will always run to the contrary. Just to be contrary.