Sunday, October 3, 2010

End Week One

So, here is my moment of truth -- I woke up a little late this morning and in the interests of not having to have lunch and dinner late too, I skipped the mozarella experiment and decided to have yoghurt as usual. However, first I needed to talk to my Wii board. Rather hysterically, the first thing it said to me was "Have you been leaning me against the wall? That's not good for my circuitry!" God, even when I'm being good the damn thing beats me to the punch and finds something to whine about, ffs.

At any rate, I got on the board and wanted to close my eyes. But...there it was. 77kg. I lost three kilograms! <is still goggling> I mean, I knew I had lost, because I can feel it. My clothes are shifting in the way they fit me, and despite another bout of dizziness about an hour ago -- unlikely to be food related, as I'd just eaten chicken, vegetables and two kiwifruit -- I am feeling pretty much okay. I also did some measurements, and although they're somewhat off because I did the first lot on Wednesday, they make me happy. The only two that didn't change much are my upper arms (not the end of the world) and my bust (thank Christ). The most impressive was my waist, which went down from 89.5cm to 85cm. I think that says a lot about my water retention when I'm gorging on my beloved carbs, that's for damn sure. Overall, I lost 11.5cm and 3kg. So...well. I certainly can't complain, can I? Not that I want to. Although today there's been a loaf of fresh bread on the sideboard all bloody day looked so tasty, goddammit. Didn't touch it, of course, but...even once I'm on the other side of the programme I can't just hack into things like that willy-nilly. It's a little depressing.

Still, this is how I am, and in the next day or so I'm going to purchase this dress from Blue Banana in the UK. It's going to be size fourteen, and I hover between eighteen and sixteen now. I am hoping to fit into it by the time of our staff do on the sixth of November. Although I know I am going to break the diet somewhat there, I am hoping that I'll do it just by having a chicken salad that I haven't weighed and cooked myself. That's not a complete wagon fall. And if I am sitting there, snug in my new gothic princess dress, I think that should be incentive enough to ignore the wine, the tequila and the chocolate pudding. <3 Thinking ahead, that's me!

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