Thursday, October 7, 2010


I thought I better update to say that while things aren't perfect -- although when are they? -- I am in a much better mood today. One of the reasons why is that I did do a little bit of "yoga" on my Wii, and figured out what the categorisation for "overweight" is on their system for me. My first real goal right now is to get out of that damn "obese" region, which means dropping below 75kg. With any luck I will hit that on Sunday, though any continued weightloss is really for the good.

Still, the reason why I was more cheerful is because the trousers I wore today felt ridiculously loose. Like, bordering on the needing new trousers loose. Which has to be a good thing. So...despite my hysterics, it looks like the weight is still dropping the way it should be. I need to relax more, dammit. No more knot-tying.


  1. Are you taking photos? I'd totally recommend that. Because when you look in the mirror you totally skew anything you see by any body hangups you have. I found it really helpful in losing weight, as sometimes 1-2kg felt nothing to me but then I'd compare photos of before and after and it was a huge difference.

  2. I didn't take any pictures at the beginning -- Mexico and NOLA killed my Salt Lake City camera -- but I just got a new one the other day. WITH A TIMER. So...yeah. We'll see how that works out. XD