Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Changing Faces

So, I've had a couple of interesting experiences today, as such. One thing that I finally got around to doing? Applying for my new passport. My current one actually has a couple of years left to it, but I am going to be applying for a five-year ancestry visa for living and working in the UK, and it's easier if I don't have to have the visa transferred from one to the other. The new passports also allow for using the chip gates in New Zealand airports, though if I end up in the UK it's not like I'll get much chance to do that, ha. I'm going to miss my old passport, in that it has lots of visas and stamps and memories, but...yeah.

The last time I used this passport was last month, obviously when I went in and out of Australia on my infamous holiday. But what was interesting about this was the way people had to doubletake when they checked the picture on my passport against my actual face. I mean, the picture was taken in 2003 anyway, and I never look my age, but the weightloss has become pronounced to the point where I don't quite resemble my passport photograph. This is...very interesting. Hilariously, mind you, the picture I had taken for my new one? I don't care for it much either, even though I am undeniably thinner in it. Amusing times, but then I am not a conventional beauty in any sense of the word. Fat or thin, I'm still ugly. But the fat, I can do something about.

Otherwise, the other thing that amused me today? Well, it's to do with it being the "second" week back on-plan for me since the aforementioned holiday, and my usual rule of not weighing more than once a week. Usually I weigh Sunday morning and that's that. But my second week on the programme originally, I got antsy about feeling "fat" and weighed myself on the Tuesday; I'd gained a couple of hundred grams, and then at the end of the week I had a meltdown because my weight hadn't changed at all. Now, last night I was feeling a bit the same way, and was wondering if maybe my body just always rebels against me in the second week. So, I weighed; I was 64.5kg, as I was Sunday morning, and found this depressing. Like I said, this is why I shouldn't weigh more than once a week; it upsets and demotivates me if I don't like what I see.

Still, this morning I decided to weigh again -- just because I do weigh more in the evening than I do in the morning, and I crossed my fingers in hope of registering even a little drop. What did I see? 63.7kg. This is my official lowest weight yet! <3 <3 <3 I've got beneath the lowest weight before everything went to hell in January, and it's only halfway through the week. So, in theory, I am right on track for this ten kilogram in eight week loss that I am planning for. It's all good. It's been a good day. Even though it's only quarter to seven in the evening and I am alreayd hungry for my breakfast.

...I think, after my Japanese lesson, it will definitely be time for a cup of tea and a sitdown. Keep calm and carry on. I'm getting there!

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