Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Daily Grind

I am starting to wonder if I am sickening for something, actually, as it is eight-thirty in the evening and frankly? I'm for my bed. And this is spoken as someone who would generally not go to sleep until almost one in the morning. This week, though...I've just been constantly tired. I was actually supposed to work until nine this evening, but my boss decided he didn't need to me...and in retrospect, I am so very glad I didn't have to. I've barely been with it all day, and since coming home...yeah.

I'm not a hundred percent sure what it is, but I haven't actually been sick while on this diet before now. I've had off days, and my vertigo and nausea have come and gone a bit, but actual pathogenic sickness? No. I hate to think of the state I'd be in, though; I spend all day at work on my feet thinking, and I suppose the other thing is that I've been coming home the last couple of weeks to do some Japanese homework. I'm supposed to be writing, too, but I've put that on hold until after this weekend (I have an assignment due). But even under the best of circumstances picking up a textbook and reading something entirely in Japanese gives me a headache, so I suppose now that my body has been forced into something of a state of ketosis, the lack of carbohydrates available for my poor little overworked brain...well.

I felt nauseous this morning while making breakfast, and then I got the same thing around lunchtime. Same thing again around five o'clock. When I consider's all mealtimes. Huh. Eating made me feel better each time, although once again I'm feeling the gnawing sensation again and it's a long time until breakfast. That's another reason why going to bed appeals; when I wake up, I get to eat. And I don't like for meals, I mean. I don't think being this way for the next seven weeks is going to be at all healthy. I suppose I can hope that my immune system has the strength to sort this out, or maybe it's just this lingering period? I have to admit that I am mightily pissed off that my body hasn't responsed in the common way, which is to dispense with periods altogether. Mine just tend to be longer and even more erratic. It's natural enough, in that the release of the fat stores is certainly going to affect the functioning of those particular hormones,'s still annoying.

But yeah, that's my major gripe this week -- tiredness, and constant hunger. Obviously my body's just barely scraping by. I know that I can get by on this amount of fuel normally, as it's what I had before, but...I don't know. Second week doldrums, redux? We'll see. It's Friday tomorrow at least, and despite the trial of the RP game that promises to be filled with treats I cannot eat, at least the weekend will allow me time to study before work can eat up what little energy I have.

And then, it will really be only another seven weeks to go.

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  1. You sound like you're doing great overall though - hopefully it's just one of those 24 hour bugs or whatever and will pass soon.