Monday, March 14, 2011

Stop -- Meme Time!

I'd not really intended to ever do a meme in this blog, but I ran across one the other day on the forum where I lurk about for this diet, and I figured I might as well give this one a shot. It's one of those thirty day deals, and from that perspective? It's probably a good idea, as I really need to take this whole thing one day at a time. This is because at least once every day I think about how much further I have to go and think: "Why don't I just stop now?" So, I need to focus on the little things, on the day I am living and not those days that I will live some time in the future. Head in the here and now, yeah?

So, let's hit up question number one of thirty:

Day One - Starting Weight/Measurements + Brief Introduction with a picture!

Well, there's not a huge amount of point in the introduction, but here goes anyway: I'm Clarice, I'm twenty-nine, and I've been overweight since I was fourteen. Before that I was actually a normal weight; then I hit puberty and it was all over, Rover. Although I've been self-conscious about my weight since I was fifteen, I haven't made any real effort before to lose the excess. I did half-heartedly go in for several different exercise regimes, but because I never tried to adjust my food intake or eating habits, this never worked. Last May or June, thereabouts, I heard about a diet programme from a workmate and thought it sounded ridiculous. I investigated it mainly out of a desire to debunk it, but the little flare of hope in me was fanned into a flame. Therefore, in late September, I started this diet we are!

Original Start Weight: 85kg
Diet Start Weight: 80kg
Current Weight: 63kg
Ideal Weight: 54kg

I'm not going to post a picture at this stage, because I'm not really big on posting pictures. Suffice it to say, though, that I bought so-called "chicken fillets" the other day and put on the mermaid dress I bought in Bunbury a month ago. With the bodice therefore sitting properly for once, it looked fantastic. And that's what counts. I am quite annoyed by the fact that my top half seems "done" while my bottom half is still pretty dire, but then I guess the next nine kilograms are coming off there? Who knows, anymore. But for some reason I was freaking out earlier today about feeling bloated, yet I came home and tried on the size 10 Kathmandu trousers that have never fit just right even though I have a size 8 Kathmandu dress and my size 10 Max trousers are actually prone to sliding down over my hips unless I pull the drawstring really tight. The Kathmandu trousers are still not entirely right -- for some reason they pull over my stomach -- but they are about ten times better than they were two weeks ago. Not to mention I spent yesterday prancing around in my size 10 "Lara" shorts from Glassons, so...things are moving. And they're moving down.

But yeah, I was converting weights yesterday for a laugh and realised I'd hit a couple of milestones. I'm now under one hundred and forty pounds, and I've also just scraped under ten stone. Single digits, baby -- I mean, I'm a child of the metric system, but it's still nice to see the numbers looking good in Imperial. I also continue to inch so close to having a normal BMI. To be "normal" I need to be about 62.3kg. If I lose a kilogram this week? I'm there. I can almost taste it. I have to keep telling myself it's not the end of the world if it doesn't happen, but by God I want it so badly. Right now my BMI is 25.28, so...yeah. It's somewhat infuriating to still officially be "overweight." I have to admit I want to be below 25 just so I can smile smugly whenever I see that "[insert latest statistic here]% of adults in New Zealand are either overweight or obese" statement and be proud of the fact that I am no longer part of that percentage.

But even if I don't crack that goal this week, I did make another milestone -- on Saturday I bought a pair of tights from Max in size "small," and today I wore them. So, life goes on. I also made a roulade last evening and I got up at six this morning to whip the cream and roll the sucker before decorating it with icing sugar, grated dark chocolate and strawberries. My workmates demolished this thing with great enthusiasm, but in the way of such things there was a tiny bit left at the end of the day because no-one wanted the ultimate responsibility of having finished it. As I got ready to go home I looked at it, thought of all the compliments I'd received, and thought: "What harm one little bite?"

Then, I threw it in the trash.

It's week three of the final nine. I'm going for it. No slowing down now.

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